"1 Image says more than 1000 words"

Hungary, Máriapócs

The main theme of the youth exchange is accepting each other, integrating peers with disabilities, increasing tolerance, working together with young people with special needs, and learning how to provide the right assistance. Getting to know photography and videography as expressive tools was a big help for all of this. In the framework of the exchange program, the participants were able to learn a lot about learning the correct photography techniques, the correct use of light and shadows, symmetry, and image composition. They learned how to adapt the content and the message to the image, how to play with spatial conditions, how to focus the viewers' attention on a specific message, how to guide the viewer's gaze with the directions placed on the image. We can see examples of these in the best photos. In addition, they learned video production and video editing, as well as some basic tricks for film production, with which they can compose the content of their films. They also got a glimpse into the secrets of video production with drones. All this thanks to Ádám Pálvölgyi, who introduced the participants to the secrets of photography and videography.